orchids towels and candlesSuch wonderful people pass through my clinic door.  I feel very fortunate.

Here are some of the things they have to say about their Reflexology treatments:

“What a superb treatment I had this afternoon which soothed not only my feet but also my Soul. Reflexology is a wonderful healing treatment and I would highly recommend Sarah for her professional and caring service.
Thank you Sarah”

“I first discovered reflexology seven years ago when I was trying for my first child. I was amazed by the calming, relaxing treatment I received from Sarah, which was a huge benefit to me at a very stressful time. People use different ways to help them relax; some use yoga, meditation, exercise to name just a few methods – but for me, reflexology brought about an unbelievable sense of calm and composure. Coupled with the theoretical benefits of helping the body cleanse itself of impurities and complimenting the body’s natural healing process, it is a treatment that I cannot recommend enough.”

This clinic was fantastic for care during pregnancy and in bringing on labour. I gave birth to my daughter the night after having reflexology in the morning. I would recommend The Reflexology Clinic to anyone.

“I came to Sarah during my first pregnancy when I suffered terrible back problems, the treatment was amazing and I could not recommended highly enough. It was so calm and relaxing, Tuesday nights became my favourite night of the week and by far the best nights sleep I had. I’ve just used Sarah again during my second pregnancy and enjoyed every session as much as the first. The environment is so calm and relaxing and I’d really advise everyone to give it a go, especially during the final weeks of pregnancy. Thank you so much Sarah!”